October 13, 2013
by Rion Wilhelm

On writing away from your office.

Noteboard: The Whiteboard that Folds Up from Full-Size to Pocket-Size!While I do the majority of my writing in my “Office” (ok, so it’s a very cluttered corner of my bedroom..), I do take opportunities to move outdoors, especially now that it is moving toward fall. I just want to take advantage of the last gasp of summer. Here, in the Sonoma Valley in October, that last gasp can be pretty significant. October can be and often is one of our hottest months, with temperatures rising above 80°

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June 10, 2013
by Rion Wilhelm
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Light Show

bilde (1)We enjoyed(?) a spectacular light show in Sonoma County early this morning.  We do get thunderstorms quite frequently here but this one was particularly intense and somewhat different because, at least the first part, was dry.  Heat lightning is not that common in the North Coast area.  This year it was of great concern because we are under fire warning condition early due to the drought. Indeed the storm, which lasted over an hour, did strike ground over 500 times in the North Bay and, at 9:30am, the fire count was up to 22, most of them small. Unfortunately, while noisy and visually spectacular, the storm did not provide a great deal of moisture.  It did rain, but that was not very substantial nor did it last longer than a few hours.

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